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Ejaculating Babes Review

Ejaculating Babes bids us “welcome to the net’s largest collection of cum-gushing pussies. Here we offer nothing but the best female and ejaculation pictures and movies on-line”. Well aren’t these guys bold. I have reviewed sites operated by the owners of this site before. I am particularly curious to see how much they are exaggerating now. One of the best sites I have ever reviewed was a female ejaculation site. So I have a pretty good idea going in that this is not going to have “the best female ejaculation pictures and movies on the net”.

Hmmm. Ejaculating Babes seem to have a reasonable amount of content. There are approximately 105 female ejaculation movies. The movies are a combination of solo girls masturbating to gushing orgasms or movies with couples in which at some point the guy withdraws his cock to a geyser of clear liquid spewing out of the woman’s pussy.

The movies are only available in WMV format and are small in size compared to what many pay sites offer. They are 320×240 pixels. They can be downloaded or streamed. What I am not able to figure out is why some of the movies are divided into 3 or 4 parts and other are only in one part, when all the movies are of similar duration? Having the movies divided into several parts greatly increases the ability of the viewer to determine if the particular movie is worth viewing.

There are several pages of squirting pictures. Sets include 40-80 pics of women ejaculating. The Ejaculating Babes pictures are 520×700 pixels, which for me is a reasonable size. I don’t like having to scroll when looking at an image. I know however, that many surfers do like their images huge. All the A-list sites that I have seen offer pictures in much larger sizes. The very last site I reviewed had pictures 2000×3000 pixels. There is no slide show feature available but there is a next and previous link.

The first set of pics I look at finish with a healthy gush. The second set I look at feature a cute teen masturbating with a dildo, but there is definitely no squirting involved. As a reviewer I do not have time to check everything on a site so it is highly disconcerting that of two picture sets chosen somewhat randomly, one has nothing to do with the subject matter featured on the site. Even if this is the only non- female ejaculation photo set on the site, it is one too many. What possible rationale is there for including content unrelated to the site? Of course now I am wondering how likely it may be that they have padded some of their videos?


Ejaculating Babes is the third female ejaculation site I have reviewed on the web. Of the three, this is the poorest. I would rate it as adequate. There are a lot of movies and all those I viewed have women ejaculating and I am guessing that a lot of the picture sets will as well. In addition there is a huge amount of bonus content. If the site operator’s could only live with out over-hyping their products as the “best”, they would not invite comparisons to others. As it is, there are better female ejaculation sites out there. Maybe you should just try the $1.00 trial.