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Jessie Saint on SpyFam

Can you imagine a stepdad finding the remote of his step daughter’s remote-controlled vibrator while it’s in her pussy? Well, in this crazy SpyFam video, we get to watch how that turns out for her!

“Mom! Dad! Are you guys home?”

Sweet Jessie in her cute pink colored knee-high socks comes home and checks if her mom and stepdad are home as well. But it seems like she has the house all for herself for a couple of hours. She immediately runs to her bedroom to try out this new sex toy she just bought for herself, it’s a remote-controlled vibrator.

Being the horny little slut that she is, she turns it on right away and is amazed by how powerful that thing is. She cannot wait to slide it deep in her wet pussy and experience it vibrating in her tight pussy. With how powerful this toy is, and how horny Jessie is, this vibrator is going to make her orgasm repeatedly!

Oh no! Her stepdad just came home

Suddenly, while she’s playing with her new toy in her bedroom her stepdad starts shouting from downstairs, and he seems pissed off!

“Jessie! Get your ass downstairs I need to talk to you!”

She instantly jumps off the bed and quickly puts on her sexy white panties and her tiny black skirt. However, she leaves the vibrator in her pussy where it’s been making her super wet, and it’s hidden anyway right?

Her stepdad isn’t very happy and tells his step daughter how the house is a mess and that she hasn’t been cleaning up. Also, Jessie’s mom is coming home in an hour so she better gets started.

“Okay, let’s take out the trash first, it’s been sitting there for two days.”

“I might have to hire a babysitter for you!”

When Jessie is taking out the trash and her stepdad checks the kitchen he finds something in one of the kitchen drawers, it seems to be a remote for something.

Jessie gets soaking wet with her stepdad only a few feet away

As he’s trying to find out what it’s used for, he starts pushing the button a couple of times while pointing it at different things but nothing seems to happen. Meanwhile, Jessie is cleaning the kitchen counter and she’s having the hardest time ever not letting her stepdad show that he just turned on the vibrator in her pussy!

He keeps pushing the button, which is only making it worse for Jessie because it’s vibrating harder and harder with every push of the button, it’s making her pulsating pussy soaking wet.

She’s getting weak knees, making it hard to stand up straight. It’s impossible for her to control her body as it’s quickly building up to Jessie having a huge orgasm while her stepdad is standing only a few feet away from her. But he keeps pushing the button and she can’t do anything about it.

It’s only a matter of time before he finds out what’s going on once his step daughter is having a massive orgasm right in front of him! He even asks her if she knows what this thing is, showing Jessie the remote controller for the vibrator that has been making her body quiver of lust for the last few minutes.

Step daughter gets caught in the middle of having an orgasm

“I have never seen that before… my legs are just a little sore!”

Jessie knows this has to stop right now. So, the moment she just can’t hold it in any longer and her orgasm is coming closer and closer, she tries to grab the remote controller from her stepdad’s hands to turn it off, but it’s too late.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming! Oh fuck!”

Jessie’s muscles started contracting and her knees are too weak, she instantly sank to her knees while her entire body felt the quiver of lust gush through it.

Her stepdad is literally watching how Jessie’s juices flooded out of her now drenched pussy as an ultimate relief to a situation with her stepdad that shouldn’t ever have happened. He actually just witnessed his step daughter having one of the most intense orgasms she ever had in her life!

There’s only one way to keep her huge orgasm a secret

“Oh my god Jessie, is this a sex toy? You’re 18 years old, what are you doing with this, are you crazy?”

“Is it inside of you right now? Imagine what your mother will think of this!”

Jessie cannot think clearly anymore, still shaking from the intense orgasm she just had. So, as a way to keep what happened today a secret between her and her stepdad, she proposes to have him fuck her.

“Please don’t tell mom, you can fuck me! Please, come on, she doesn’t have to know. I really want your fucking dick right now…”

His disobedient stepdaughter pulls down his pants and instantly starts sucking on his dick! There’s no way back now, this must be kept secret…

Watch this step-family porn video by SpyFam and see how Jessie is getting drilled by her own stepdaddy until he covers her cute face with a massive load of thick cum.

“Now you’re going to have to clean yourself up before your mother gets home!”

Episode: Step Daughter’s Instant Orgasm

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Pornstar(s)Jessie SaintReleased10.03.2020
Length 39 minsFull HDYes
EpisodeStep Daughter’s Instant Orgasm4KYes

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