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Bella Rose on POVD

In today’s video you get to see teen girl Bella Rose in detention, she’s been a naughty student. “Come in! Hi, Bella”. Her good looking teacher seems to be a nice guy, but this detention for Bella is gonna be one she will remember forever.

After some time passes she breaks the silence, “Uhm, I really have to use the bathroom”. Her teacher tells Bella she can go if she doesn’t take too long.

Teen student caught with a vibrator during detention

Now, the moment she stands up and grabs her schoolbag to go to the bathroom something falls out of it, rolling on the floor. It’s her fucking vibrator, she got caught!

Bella’s teacher sees it and has a look at a strange looking purple ‘toy’, and she’s all embarrassed trying to come up with excuses when he asks her what it is again. “It’s something for my phone” she says.

“Really? How come I’ve never seen anything like this for your phone?”. From here on out things get really inappropriate as he tells her to take off her clothes and sit on his desk. He wants his naughty student to show him exactly where she puts that big vibrating sex toy.

Inappropriate or not, Bella wants her teacher’s big dick

Moments later Bella slides the toy inside of her wet pussy and her teacher turns on the vibrator, making her even moister. Her teacher gets a nice show while she rubs her little clit at the same time and has a fantastic orgasm. But now she wants more, she’s horny for what is in her teacher’s pants!

Teen student Bella Rose is ready for a big dick that can satisfy her little teen pussy, and when she sees what her teacher is packing she couldn’t be happier. Who knew detention could be so much fun.

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Pornstar(s)Bella RoseReleased07.02.2020
Length 45 minsFull HDYes
EpisodeInappropriate Student4KYes

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