Please note: This site is no longer active!

Wacky Insertions Review

This unique paysite Wacky Insertions is the sort of site that screams out for a look. The tour is intriguing. It seems Wacky Insertions is a site about girls inserting weird objects into their vaginas and fucking themselves with them. Now the weird objects in question are vegetables, like carrots and corncobs and other phallic legumes, and then there is fruit like bananas and objects like bats and hammers and screwdrivers and television sets. No ha, I made up that last one but you get the idea.

When I click on the videos in the Wacky Insertions tour I am linked directly to the join page, the tour videos don’t work. I guess to see them I will have to go in side. I am not sure how big a market there is for this sort of stuff but I am kind of curious to see these girls perform. So while it is not my thing, I am going in for you dear reader.

Ok this feels like putting on an old pair of slippers. Wacky Insertions is the fourteenth site I have reviewed by whoever owns this Wacky Insertions site. They are all the same except for the content specific to the particular pay site tour that brings you in. Often the tour has little to do with the content, as is the case here. There are 27 picture sets, many with weird insertions. That is not sufficient to qualify it as a pay site featuring insertions. The movies have nothing to do with insertions. If there is an insertion, it is done by a penis, and that seems natural, not wacky. The movies are in a plug-in called Bizarre. They are sort of Gothic and Dungeon oriented.

What is bizarre is that there is not a single insertion movie. Only insertion pictures. I have really no idea why they would choose this plug-in as the content for their wacky insertions. I can only conclude that they must be a wacky and crazy bunch themselves. Each of their sites that I review seems to have some new peculiar turn. The owners of this site are out just for a quick buck. There is too little content and given its misrepresentation there is no reason to believe that there will be regular updates.


This is another dreadful site brought to you by the same people who brought you Wild Hairy Girls and Hirsute World. It is the best kind of example of the worst kind of webmaster who does not give a nano-second’s thought to the needs of his clients.

The site, like almost every one in this network, is oversold and under delivered. The videos that didn’t work on the tour can’t even be found in the site. These folks just want your money and offer very little in return. Just a bunch of insertion pictures but no videos! You are lucky if you were contemplating joining this site and read this review. Avoid this Wacky Insertions. It is unworthy.