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Hirsute World Review

Hirsute World is a site for the lovers of hair. The promo on the tour says “thousands of beautiful natural un-shaven women”. The tour shows some young women who have not shaved their pussies but I don’t see any un-shaven legs on the tour or un-shaven armpits. I guess I will have to go in side Hirsute World to see how unshaven these women are. I would bet a million dollars though that there are not going to be 1000’s of un-shaven women. I have reviewed sites by the owners of this one before and they seem to lie outrageously in their tours. I am kind of surprised they are not claiming that these thousands of unshaven women are exclusive to them. Anyhow let’s go in and see what we have here.

Hirsute World is identical to Jizz Jerks and Bare Feet Babes, both recently reviewed by me. The only thing that ever changes is the content page you are directed to when you join. There is actually a reasonable amount of hairy pussy pictures and videos, if that is what you are looking for. But if you are looking for hirsute women you will not find them here. As I have discovered before, this is basically a site of porn categories. If hairy pussy is your thing you may find this site satisfactory because it does have a fair amount of that content in addition to the other sites in the network. However if hairy women are your thing, this is not the place for you.

The amusing thing to me is that I have already reviewed the content of Hirsute World when it was used by the owners of this web network as the content for their Beavershots site. It appears that they thought they might try to go after the hairy women market with the same content they used to go after the hairy pussy market. If you are interested in what I had to say about the content you can check out that review. I am not going to waste my time looking at it again. All I can say is that the videos with hairy pussies are fine.


Hirsute World has exactly the same content as covered in my review of the Beavershots porn site. They have just made another tour and linked it to the hairy pussy content. I think hairy women is a totally different niche that they are trying to tap into it through use of the word hirsute. Don’t be fooled. I have now reviewed a number of sites run by the operators of this one. I don’t know why they continue to surprise me. Is offering exactly the same content on two different sites all that different from lying on their tours?