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Sera Ryder on SpyFam (June 28, 2020)

Sweet Vlog girl Sera Ryder is recording her daily vlog for her followers on YouTube. She’s a beautiful teen girl that loves to share everything about her life, like buying a new cute outfit she wears to school and make a video about it.

“I just got back from the mall, so this is my latest vlog from my shopping trip. I just got this really cute outfit, so let me show you.” Sera Ryder sure does look hot as fuck, she has a stunning petite body.

Vlog girl Sera fingering her teen pussy

“I do look really cute in it, I can’t help but keep looking at myself”. This girl definitely knows she’s a hottie, and she seems to be a bit horny because moments later she’s literally finger blasting her wet teen pussy!

She’s really into it and moaning loudly while getting super wet and even more aroused. Fingering herself and cumming before leaving for school is part of her daily routine now. This helps her concentrate more to pay attention during her classes.

However, several hours later she comes back from school and walks inside of her bedroom to sit on the bed, “Ugh, I’m so glad school is over”.

But then Sera notices she left the camera on that she put on the desk in front of her bed when she was making her vlog earlier. The camera has been sitting there recording the entire day, “Crap! Did I leave this on all day?”, she says out loud.

She busted her stepbro sniffing her panties

Sera picks up the camera and is shocked to find out what’s been recorded. She busts her perverted stepbro Ryan doing things on her bed that makes Sera angry, but she feels something else as well. Her panties are feeling a bit wet too after watching what’s been recorded while she was away.

“Ryan, where you like earlier in my room?”, she shouts. As he walks into her bedroom he hesitantly answers no. “Well, then what the fuck is this?”, his stepsis asks him pointing to the screen on her camera.

“Ryan, what the fuck! You just sniff my panties?”, her stepbro Ryan keeps stuttering, feeling super embarrassed and failing to answer a simple question. It seems like he got caught by his own step sister sniffing her panties and jerking off in her room, it’s all Sera’s camera!

Step siblings fucking is Sera’s next vlog video title

It’s quite a shock for her stepbro when she tells him that she actually likes what she saw on her camera. “You have a nice dick, and we are just step siblings! So it’s like, not that weird”.

Sera’s such a horny little teen, she cannot control herself any longer. Even though what she’s about to do is a huge taboo she cannot stop herself. No, she’s not even waiting for her stepbro to say much and pushes him on the bed, takes off his pants and finds out that cock looks even bigger in real life!

What happens next is two step siblings fucking while their parents aren’t home. It’s nuts, horny stepsis even makes her perverted stepbro cum inside of her teen pussy, getting herself a nice juicy creampie.

The end of this video though, it’s when Sera tells her step brother she can’t wait to put this all on her vlog. Yes, this naughty horny slut recorded everything!

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Pornstar(s)Sera RyderReleased06.28.2020
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