How do you find a sex date without looking like a sleazeball?

This should be a question you should ask yourself if you are looking for a sex buddy. Unfortunately, a lot of guys who try to tackle this online dating problem proceed from the completely wrong perspective. They think that it’s perfectly okay to be completely open regarding their endeavors. They think that people understand that they are looking for a sex buddy. It’s no surprise then that most of these people find themselves at the wrong place and talking to the wrong people at the wrong time. In other words, they’re setting themselves up for failure.

You have to understand that the how the idea of a sex buddy is still quite offensive to a lot of people. I know this is crazy to you. I know this seems weird or even alien, but this is the reality. You have to deal with reality as it exists. You can’t just imagine it away. You can’t just wish that it was completely different and live your life accordingly. No. you have to focus on things the way they are.

So if you are serious about looking for sex, you need to focus on reading between the lines and talking such a way that you always have an out. This way, you don’t come off as a total sleazebag.

Another very important technique for getting laid is to talk to women in such a way that they will easily get comfortable around you. Comfort is key. While some chicks get off on fucking dudes who have an air of mystery or even danger, most chicks don’t get off on this vibe. Most women prefer to get fucked by dudes they have a basic level of trust in. When you get women to feel comfortable around you, it doesn’t take much effort to get them to trust you.

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