Without the simple luxuries of one-night stands and casual flings during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, navigating sex and dating can be a little complicated. But it doesn’t always have to be.

Long-distance relationships are nothing new, and coincidentally, neither are webcams! Today’s couples are using video chat to help take a load (or three) off, whether they’re socially distancing from each other or not.

Couples Cams

Couples spicing up their sex lives on cam sites

Sex on cam can be exhilarating, intimate, and experimentative. Having sex without touching requires just a little bit of creativity and attentiveness to make the most out of your experience.

Spice it up with a sultry striptease and show your partner what they’re missing. This is a great time to whip out your dirty talking skills to really get inside their head. Try using toys, especially teledildonic ones, for an added layer of intimacy.

Teledildonic toys can buzz, whirr, and move in response to a remote or even compatible toys, so you can directly stimulate your partner even if you’re miles apart.

Frisky couples have more fun online than ever before

During the peak of coronavirus panic, when total lockdowns were the norm, it wasn’t uncommon to see couples shack up to weather quarantines together. But that didn’t deter them from getting online for some extra fun.

For polyamorous couples or those hoping to kick their sex lives up a notch, finding a new partner to play ball is a herculean task even without the added danger of a deadly contagion. Most singles are reluctant to feel like a “third wheel” to a primary relationship and some disagree with polyamory, no matter how casual, altogether.

In an ideal world, these frisky couples might turn to sex workers for some non-judgmental fun, but until in-person sex work is decriminalized, and more importantly, normalized, the potential legal risks of hiring an in-person escort may be too high, especially during an active pandemic.

The best cam sex sites featuring professional kinksters

In these cases, it’s easier to seek the aid of a cam model. On the Internet’s best cam sex sites, you can choose to get down and dirty with a woman, man, or even a couple of your choice. These cam models are professional kinksters, so don’t be shy. Just unwind with your partner and let your fantasies become reality. 

You can use cams to simulate a hot threesome or simply allow your preferred performer to sit back, watch, and enjoy the show. In my experience, couples with a penchant for BDSM love shows with kinky camsters.

Here, they can live out their deepest desires of dominating a willing submissive together, or perhaps the other way around. There really are limitless possibilities when it comes to letting a cam model in the bedroom.

Instead of a movie, spice up your night with hot adult cam shows

Despite what the stereotypes might have you believe, cam sites aren’t just for lonely singles. Couples can have lots of hot, sexy fun chatting up hot cam models for sexy shows that are sure to spice up their night, just so long as they know where to look.

So for your next in-home date night, skip the tired old movie and takeout routine, and spice it up with a mind-blowing cam show instead.