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Gianna Dior on POVD

When you’re going in for a check up at a hospital, the first thing that’s on your mind is to get it done and over with as quickly as possible so you can go back home.

However, this patient getting a check up today might want to stay for a night after he finds out the sexy Gianna Dior is his nurse.

As he puts on his hospital gown and waits on the hospital bed, this beautiful nurse walks in to ask him some questions and see if he’s feeling okay or has any worries.

Sexy nurse Gianna has been craving for cock for weeks

Hi I am Gianna your nurse“. He can’t believe his eyes, this nurse is hot as hell! Yes, this guy just hit the jackpot. They’re all alone in private, and also Gianna seem to have noticed he ain’t too bad. “I hope everything is fine nurse” he says, and she smiles.

Meanwhile, he’s telling nurse Gianna that he’s a bit worried about the virus. “Uhm, I’m sure you’re okay. Everyone’s just worried about corona virus right now, so I’m pretty sure you don’t have it“.

Gianna Dior is a naughty girl though, she has been fantasizing about how she would love to seduce her patient. Because she’s been feeling really horny for the last few weeks, and even more so today. Gianna is really craving for a big hard cock inside of her pussy right now. And why not, it’s just a sexual favor, or actually a ‘sexual fever’ right?

Her patient has a huge erection hidden underneath his gown!

It’s clear her patient’s dick is what she wants, so she has to make a move. “Okay, so I am gonna take off your gown so I can check out your heart rate“, while she’s sensually leaning over him, breathing in his neck and using her stethoscope listening to his heart rate.

It takes zero effort for this sexy nurse to seduce her patient, making him horny and pop a huge boner! She notices it as well, “Your heart rate is extremely elevated, and I think I know why. I’ll be able to help you, with that erection“.

From here on out Gianna is unstoppable, she’s been craving for a huge dick like this. She takes off her sexy nurse outfit, takes take dick in her mouth and starts sucking it. Once her patient is fully erect, her little nurse pussy is wet and ready to get pounded.

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Pornstar(s)Gianna DiorReleased06.12.2020
Length 31 minsFull HDYes
EpisodeSexual Fever4KYes

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