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The gorgeous, sexy brunette Liz Jordan has been working from home for weeks now. She’s been the personal assistant of her boss, and today he comes over to her place to work on some stuff together.

When Liz’s boss is there he compliments her with how great of an assistant she’s been. And he ain’t wrong, but later today he will find out how ‘great’ she really is.

“I’m really glad that you’re fitting well with the company, and it looks like you’re doing well working from home. I’m gonna run to a lunch meeting, is there anything you need while I’m out?”

Working from home has made Liz crave for a dick to fuck her

“I’m okay, I’m just gonna finish this up.” You can tell she’s a bit horny though. She’s been checking out her boss a bit ever since he came over. Also, she’s been working from home for months and you can tell she’s craving for some dick!

As soon as Liz’s boss leaves for lunch, she instantly goes to her favorite porn site and starts rubbing and fingering her pussy. Liz can get to it straight away, since she’s only wearing this tiny denim skirt.

The boss caught his gorgeous assistant masturbating to porn

It doesn’t take long before she gets so wet, that there’s her cream all over her fingers and incredibly wet pussy. Then suddenly, without her noticing it, her boss is back from his lunch.

The masturbation session is so intense, Liz Jordan is completely unaware of anything else but making herself orgasm and cum. Her boss can’t believe his eyes as he’s quietly watching his hot assistant go at it. Full of passion and lust she’s cumming.

Just after the gorgeous Liz orgasms and finally has a moment to come back to reality, she notices her boss is back from lunch and caught her masturbating to porn on her laptop!

Her pussy is so wet, Liz needs a hard dick right fucking now!

Even hornier than before, the naughty Liz is now craving for the real thing, she needs a big hard dick that can fuck her silly. She is getting desperate, so it’s all or nothing now.

So even though she’s his assistant and would never even think about doing this while working. She gets his pants off and with what she sees she couldn’t be happier. He has a very big dick, and it’s all for her.

She straight away sucks on it and gives him an amazing blowjob. Very sloppy, with a lot of spit so it’s fully hard and all lubed up for fucking her tight wet pussy.

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Pornstar(s)Liz JordanReleased08.05.2020
Length 34 minsFull HDYes
EpisodeThe Assistant4KYes
WebsitePassion HD

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