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It’s mind blowing to watch the young Kylie Rocket have 7 orgasms within less than 30 minutes of intense fucking. Her little pussy is breaking records today!

Let’s be honest, most guys will get a bit jealous of what a girl like Kylie can achieve when it comes to repeated orgasms. Knowing that an average man can climax only once when having sex. It’s unfortunate that guys after they orgasm, need to take a break to be ready and pound that pussy again!

But let’s not be too disappointed about it, because using your dick to make a girl orgasm repeatedly is an incredible feeling and something to be very proud of!

Kylie wants to fuck that huge cock and climax

In this hardcore sex scene this lovely 19 year old girl has one of the best days of her life. It all starts with a sexy tease by Kylie Rocket on a high rise balcony where she’s seducing a stud that can fuck her today.

A huge hard dick is about to destroy her teen pussy and make her orgasm and cum over and over again until she can’t take it anymore and gets his jizz sprayed all over her face.

At first Kylie decides to warm up her wet teen pussy a bit by playing with a vibrator. Because let’s not be dumb here, that dick is so fucking big her tight wet hole needs to be ready and fully lubricated before that’s going to fit inside of her.

As if that dick wasn’t big enough yet, after Kylie Rocket sucks on it that thing gets even bigger and harder! Well, she’s way too horny to back out of this fuck session now.

Repeated orgasms for this 19 year old teen pussy

Feeling that huge cock slide in and out of her tight 19 year old teen pussy feels fantastic, her first climax comes sooner than expected. Kylie’s pussy cream is all over his big cock.

It’s wonderful to watch how her pulsating pussy just grabs onto that gigantic throbbing dick and won’t let go until her next orgasm! The fucking goes on and on resulting in repeated orgasms. At the end she had 7 orgasms, a record for her!

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Pornstar(s)Kylie RocketReleased06.06.2020
Length 38 minsFull HDYes
EpisodeHigh Rise Climax – 7 Orgasms4KYes

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