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Chloe Temple on BBC Pie (August 8, 2020)

This sexy, small 5 ft 3 in (160 cm) skater girl loves to practice skating all day long if she could. Today she starts practicing early in the morning, but she makes so much noise that her neighbor comes over to tell her she has to be quiet.

“Yo? The noise man, keep the fucking noise down! I’m trying to fucking sleep and shit man.”

“Really? I’m up there trying to sleep and you’re back here making all of this noise, it’s like 7 in the morning!”

Chloe then apologizes to her neighbor. “I’m sorry, I really love skating so I was just practicing.”

Her neighbor cannot hide his BBC, it’s too big!

Skater girl Chloe then notices this huge bulge in his pants, and without any shame at all she slowly starts rubbing her hand over his pants, and that massive bulge.

“So, my parents aren’t home.. maybe we can go inside and make our own noises?”

Once Chloe brings her neighbor inside of the house she pulls down his underwear and the biggest black cock she’s ever seen is revealed right in front of her shocked, but very happy face. She really can’t believe how massive this BBC is, and that throbbing black cock is all for her!

Sexy skater girl is ready to get creamed

She just wants to hold it, play with it, and put it in her mouth to suck on it. Only the thought of feeling that giant black cock inside of her pussy makes her super wet and cream her panties.

Even though her parents just left for work and it’s like 7 in the morning, this sexy skater girl is about to get fucked and creampied multiple times by a huge BBC.

The cum filling up her wet pussy while his big black cock is stretching her out makes her cum several times as well. Before this, the sweet small Chloe didn’t even know that was possible.

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Pornstar(s)Chloe TempleReleased08.08.2020
Length 38 minsFull HDYes
EpisodeCreamed Skater Girl4KYes
WebsiteBBC Pie

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