Sex Toys 101

More often than not, people indulge in romantic and raunchy conversations to have a fulfilling sex life. Undoubtedly, communication is the key to lead a passionate sex life. However, in this enormously routine life, aspirations associated with sex are somehow deemed unserious and unworthy due to the absence of excitement. Boredom is rendering the couples indifferent to sex. Your significant other half has identified your cognitive sexual patterns and habits of sex. She is no longer excited about sex as you have been following the same sex routine since the past few days or months. What do you do to excite her?

Sex Toys for Women

It is imperative to remember that you have to do whatever it takes to have an exciting sex life. Dismiss the thoughts that your penis / vagina alone should excite your sex partner. One of the incredible ways of doing away with boredom is to use sex toys. What may seem as the clever packaging of vibrators, dildos, nipple clamps, whips, blindfolds, beads, ties etc., can in fact give a fascinating experience that a female could have ever thought of. To be frank, there is nothing wrong in fulfilling her wild fantasies by exploring the sexuality and its boundaries.

Psychological Elements

Why do nipple clamps, whips, blindfolds and dildos excite her? There is an element of psychology associated with sex toys- You are creating a dangerous environment in which your female sex partner is neither able to visualize nor able to predict the conventional sex patterns / positions. This unconventional and special sexual environment triggers her and factors such as emotions, sense of urgency and intimacy eventually culminate in wild sex.

That being said, there is a fine line of distinction between physically abusing her by using whips and nipple clamps and stimulating her. Do not cross the line. The only reason why your female sex partner tolerates and enjoys your domination is because she trusts you. If you whip her around in bed to physically abuse her, she gets turned off.

This is a kinky practice. However, the concept of trust and subsequent emotions make this kinky practice even more appealing to Americans.

Biggest Mistakes

People tend to make a few mistakes in this kinky yet so exciting practice. They replace sex with sex toys. In other words, the male sex partner no longer uses his penis to electrify and excite her. He keeps on using the same dildo which pleases his female sex partner. Of course, this works, but the concept of having a fulfilling sex is gone for a toss. The key is to not use a vibrator or dildo but to integrate the sex toys with your penis.

If your woman finds more pleasure with a vibrator than with your penis, the whole purpose of sex toys is completely defeated. Sexual stimulation not sexual replacement is the need of the hour.

Integrating the sex toys with your sex organs

Remember, the concept of a pleasurable experience is all about the following three things:

  • A pleasurable experience is physically gratifying.
  • A pleasurable experience is emotionally fulfilling.
  • A pleasurable experience is psychologically emotional.
  • To have a pleasurable experiences, integrate the sex toys with your dick / penis.

Sex Toys for Men

The most commonly used sex toys for men are cock rings. A cock ring is made up of rubber. It is generally put over a man’s penis and his balls. Why do cock rings work wonders?

Sexual benefits of cock rings

The first and foremost benefit is that cock rings make his (male sex partner) dick harder. There is science behind this. A cock ring traps the blood in the penis. As a result, blood is not allowed to leave the penis. However, it still allows blood to enter penis. As a result, the penis becomes all the more engorged and this lets him (male sex partner) indulge in various sex positions that he might never have tried with his flaccid penis.

Most of the men suffer from premature ejaculation. Cock rings prevent premature ejaculation. Cock rings serve as barriers by clamping on the urethra. Premature ejaculation is thus addressed.

Because of accumulation of blood, penis becomes sensitive. This makes sex even more pleasurable. There are quite a good number of men who enjoy the sensation of vibration on the penis. Vibrators stimulate men and women. Mostly, they stimulate women.

Sex toy Business

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