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Ultimate Nipples Review

Titty porn site Ultimate Nipples caught my attention because I am a nipple lover. The site tour claims to offer “tons of outrageous nipple pictures”. That sure sounds like a lot of nipple pictures. Not being modest they “claim the hottest nipples on the net” with “rare content found nowhere else”. I am kind of suspicious. Only one nipple picture in the tour aroused me and it was part of the tour banner. Otherwise this looks more like a breast site. Let’s go in Ultimate Nipples and investigate.

The Ultimate Nipples home page features a section of thumbnails for all the videos. Below them is another section for pictures and below that, a section showing girls available for chat. To the left of the page are links to the bonus sites that you have access to with your membership. There are tons of them as the owners of this site would say. In the live chat section you can chat with the girls for free and will only have to pay if you want to go private.

I check out one of the Ultimate Nipples videos. It opens to a page that allows me to rate the video and provides a link to the WMV high-band width movie. There is no low band- width version. The movies I look at seem to be usually about 12-14 minutes in duration. Some are undivided, but most are spit into parts, from 3-6 parts in the movies I watch. One four part movie leaves me hanging in the middle of a very good fuck. Obviously the webmaster goofed here and some part or parts are missing. I would hate to think this was done on purpose.

Another movie I watch is split in 9 parts. It is from a Pussyman video. This is not the only video that clearly is not unique to this site as claimed in the tour. In fact the site has almost nothing to do with the tour except in the fact that there are breasts on these girls, and every single set of these breasts has nipples on it. At best, this approaches a big boobs site. The owners of this site have obviously just re-purposed some bought content and thought they would try promoting it under a nipple niche.

Pure nipple lovers will be hugely disappointed. There are some good videos here. If the site content were promoted in a way more reflective of the content it would keep those who join far happier. As it is, a real nipple fetishist would be justified in asking for his money back after joining Ultimate Nipples.


Ultimate Nipples is well designed and easy to navigate although it is hard to understand why one movie might be left intact and another of the same duration divided into 3 or 4 parts. There is lots of content given the many bonus sites but if you join because you are a nipple lover you are going to be greatly disappointed, however if you like big boobs check it out if you want. When/if the tour is redesigned the site owners should also try to tone down the hyperbole. There is no unique nipple content here.