Screw My Sexy Wife Review

Amateur married couples come to pornstars and ask them for help. The husbands want to watch their wives being fucked by other guys and the wives are all for it. All they need to do is get a porn star on board and they’re all set. Does this scenario sound interesting? If so, check out Screw My Sexy Wife. A membership is $24.95 and at that price you really can’t pass this site up if you like to see sexy wives getting fucked.

Screw My Sexy Wife has a lot of stuff to offer and is very well organized for how much content you get with the membership. Although there are tons of bonuses that come with this site, when you enter the member’s area, the exclusive content is very easy to see. The episodes are re-ordered daily by user ratings and the three newest episodes have a little label saying so. The top rated scene of the day has three thumbnails and a synopsis and all the others just have one thumbnail of the wife that leads to the rest of the content.

For each episode there is a video page and a photo page. The videos are divided into seven short clips and are also available in one full length form. These movies are streamed in your browser in WMV format and there are three different streams for dial up, DSL, and broadband users. Each individual video or clip can be rated. The picture galleries associated with the episode are full of video still from the scene – they are average quality.

The scenes featured on Screw My Sexy Wife all have the same basic concept but differ in various ways. Some of them feature the husband only watching as his wife cheats, other times he jumps into the action. The couples are often diverse, the wives are different ages, and sometimes there are even two wives featured in one scene.

Besides access to Screw My Sexy Wife, you also get into four other hardcore reality sites that feature Milfs. All the content within these sites is great and totally exclusive. There are also 50 other reality websites that you can get into with varying themes.

A membership to Screw My Sexy Wife will also get you a whole bunch of non-exclusive bonus content. This includes over 600 full length DVDs, 15 of them being Milf related, thousands of picture galleries with hundreds of the galleries featuring moms, over 30 streamable Hustler series, adult games, erotic stories, and live cams.


Screw My Sexy Wife is a nice site with hot wives and good quality episodes. There are a lot of variations in the ages, ethnicities, and body types of the wives. I like to see different kinds of mommies and this site provides me with just that. Check out Screw My Sexy Wife for all your hardcore mom needs. You won’t be disappointed.