Mean Massage Review

Mean Massage, I guess maybe that is a little self explanatory, but if you really want an explanation, get ready because some of this could be a little painful, and if you don’t have the desire to have your cock in full control of someone else, especially a hot female, of any shape or size, then you are probably in the wrong place.

This site involves ruined orgasms, bdsm, femdom, and much more. Want to watch a guy with a big cock have his balls tied so tight that they are swollen and red and blue? This is the place you need to be. is all about the women being in charge and the men keeping themselves in check if they know what’s good for them.


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HD videos
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He’s duct taped to the table when she starts smacking his cock and balls

Let’s take for example, let’s go to the updates page and see Maya Bijou. This girl is about as cruel as they come and she has fun and gets turned on doing it. This little brat ties Mike to the table with duct tape, and guys, if you are keeping track of the many uses of duct tape, here is another, I just wouldn’t advise it if you have a hairy body! Getting back to Maya, this girl gets him right to the very brink of exploding his load all over her, only to have her stop and start smacking his cock and balls around. She does finally let him have his orgasm but this poor guy is in for a big cruel surprise!

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One of the better features and surely the most interesting ones, of MeanMassage is the fact that you get to be a director, so to speak. Click on the tab that says scene requests and leave a message with your fantasy scene idea and chances are, if it is doable, you will see it show up on the site at some point. One thing I have to give these guys, they do their best to make you feel as much a part of the site as they can. You can even choose the model you want to play out these scenes, so a POV video in your fantasy with your favorite model, it will be about as close to your fantasy come true as it gets without you actually being there.

Extras and bonus content

Bonus sites anyone? With membership to, you will also get full access to sites such as,,, and more. The entire network of 10 sites with just one membership, that is about as perfect as it gets. Everything from petite 18 year old teens to grannies giving handjobs to younger men, have you ever thought about a granny wrapping her hands around your cock? The best part is that you are going to be able to download every video and every image, you get full instant access and no holds barred membership. Did I mention it is set up to be compatible with iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad, and iPod?

Inside the member’s area

Let’s finally get into this members area, and see what that’s all about. Are you ready? I have a feeling if your dick isn’t hard yet, it’s about to be.

A popup, but not an advertisement like you are used to, but rather a promise from the owner to welcome you and make sure you are happy and let you know that they are there to make sure you have support 24/7. They say that they are making it as easy as possible to get around and find what you need, so let’s test that out a little, ok?

The setup is very easy to use, almost like a blog setup which we have all gotten accustomed to in almost everything we do online. There are some ads at the top, which some may be bothered by, you paid for a membership and don’t want to be sold on anything else, right? But wait, they aren’t intrusive, so that’s fine by me.

You will see the latest news and since you have full network access, it isn’t so misplaced here to add news from the other sites in this network. You can see what’s going on in all of them from this one page. Then you get to a Prize Giveaway!! Earn points by being an interactive member, making comments, retweeting posts, requesting a scene and more. Win a Fleshlight from VStroker this month.

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Number of movies85+Number of pic sets85+
Average Length 12 minsAverage pic set size100
StreamingYesZip setsYes
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Video FormatsMP4 (1280×720; 3185k)
Streaming (1280×720; 3185k)
Bonus Sites10+


To conclude my time with you on this site and making you walk thru it with me, I’d have to say that this site is well worth the membership. It just really doesn’t get much easier to get to the point here and for the very few handful of things that might not be positive, the positives far outweigh any negatives, if you can even find one.

Let your fantasies take control, let the girls be in charge of your cock for once and make the most of you just having to sit back and let them tease you, even if it is painful to a degree, it’s a turn-on to let them have their way with your cock and watch them get turned on and make their own pussy wet by just smacking your cock around. This site is well worth the abuse your cock is about to get.