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Mandy’s Diary Review

Mandy is a petite 18 year old aspiring model. She started her own website to get some attention to potentially boost her career. However, with all the attention she started getting, she decided to go a different route. Mandy settled for being a nude model and it’s been working out very well for her. Her website is the only place where you can see her.

When it comes to solo girl sites, there are a couple factors that will make it or break it. Before signing up for a site dedicated just to one girl, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

– Is she sexy? – Does she “do” enough to keep me pleased? – Is she an interactive part of the site?

Let’s go through these questions in order. First of all, I think Mandy is extremely sexy. Of course, this is entire subjective so I recommend you check her out and decide for yourself. Mandy is a tall and thin girl. She has beautiful perky tits with nice little nipples that are almost always hard. She’s a fresh faced babe with a great smile and a spunky looking attitude. Mandy isn’t afraid to get naked, although she doesn’t get hardcore. She goes pretty far when you compare her to other solo girls, some don’t even show their tits. So in the “doing” department, she does well in my book!

As for interactivity, I’m pretty iffy on this evaluation. Mandy has a “daily diary” page, but it seems that the diary hasn’t been updated in over a month. Also, she says she does cam shows but I don’t see any evidence of them in her member’s area. There is a link to four other webcam sites, but it doesn’t seem like she’s featured on any of them. I was very disappointed to learn that Mandy may not play any kind of role in her website at all.

With a disappointed feeling looming over me, I decided to check out the actual content of Mandy’s Diary. This is where I got happy again. Mandy generally updates her site once a week, with every third update being a video. The photos are high quality and Mandy really poses well. The videos range from cute to sexy and are all a pleasure to watch. Videos are available in three levels of quality and stream from your browser. In the updates, it says that the videos will be available for download soon.


Whether Mandy really plays an active part in her website is hard to say. However, the girls is sexy and there are weekly updates that show all of her off. Although the fact that I was deceived about the cam shows really angered me, I’m still pretty satisfied with this website. When it’s all said and done, the girl makes or breaks the website.

Seeing Mandy’s videos really hooked me on this girl. She’s so giggly and fun while being very sexy at the same time. If you like the way this girl looks, I would recommend joining the site, just don’t expect diary entries or cam shows. If you come into the Mandy’s Diary membership without that expectation, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with the quality of it all.