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Girls Outa Kontrol ReviewVisit Girls Outa Kontrol

May 21st, 2011 - By Banging Reviews

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Girls Outa Kontrol features sexy young hotties that are scouted out of bars, clubs, beaches and the hottest spots for partying to show off their goods and prove just how out of control they really are in wild videos shot exclusively for this site.

Inside Girls Outa Kontrol you’ll be taken straight to the video archive which features multi-clipped scenes of various wild and sexy antics. At the time of this review there were 26 scenes in all, however each are available in different formats from each other. Some are downloadable through MOV format while others can be saved only as WMV WMX, so if you are a Mac user only a small fraction of videos will be compatible to your operating system. Clip sizes range anywhere from 18mb to 75mb, and unfortunately each clip takes an exceptionally long amount of time to download, even on broadband. The Girls Outa Kontrol video archive needs improvement organization-wise and the footage itself is often poorly shot and terribly choppy.

Mardi Gras clips of girls showing their boobs over and over again (and girls is being generous as often they are less attractive older women with floppy tits that can’t seem to stay hidden) will eventually break up and skip continuously, which wouldn’t be as annoying if the download didn’t take so long to begin with. If you are looking for hardcore action, you will be wasting your time with this site as it is mainly footage of girls showing their tits and occasionally getting fully naked with each other. Scenes also contain lap dances, strip teases, and general party mayhem, but that’s usually where it ends.

While the Girls Outa Kontol tour makes it appear as though they find party girls and catch them acting wild on tape, the actual footage is a variety of shots cut up and edited out of order, making it obvious that the majority of content is just home videos of paid strippers. The photos section contains image sets in nice quality, however most photos are basic scenery shots with the occasional wild action thrown into the mix. Every so often you’ll come across a more hardcore photo such as a girl giving a blowjob, but it’s usually rare and taken from a bad angle, and even then there is no action beyond that. The navigational system needs to be improved as the links will often bring you back to the main page of the tour and instead of being able to browse through the site normally, you’ll have to do a lot of backtracking and extra unnecessary steps just to get away from the prevalent Join Now links when you’re already signed in.

A store is alos offered at Girls Outa Kontrol to purchase movies on DVD, but although the movies are the majority of content and mainly all that is really offered on this site, it is also the site’s weakest area. The tour was rather misleading and both the quantity and quality are too low to make up for the lack of honesty presented on this site, especially with a bunch of unorganized content and overall sloppy footage.

What Girls Outa Kontrol seems to be going for is the ethnic version of Girls Gone Wild, but sadly it is just ghetto. The quality is poor, the site itself is sloppy, and the tour is highly overrated. This site is only recommendable to fans of watching other people get lap dances from paid strippers, otherwise your money is probably better spent on your own strippers. Even if watching other people party is your thing, it’s still hard to enjoy Girls Outa Kontrol due to the loading time and generally crappy footage available.

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