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Gape Her Ass Review

Paysite Gape Her Ass is a site that offers you a look at tight asses. Well they are tight until these huge cocks get into them, then they are gaping. These huge dicks make huge holes in tiny asses where they fuck them hard.

I like the fact that the member’s entrance to Gape Her Ass is right on the main warning page. I didn’t even have to scroll through the tour again to find it. I clicked on today’s update, which was Milf Money, and it opened into a new page that had several video clips from that movie. The movie is broken down into scenes and then the scenes are broken into 8 smaller video clips. You can download the entire movie to your harddrive, or watch it online in the video clips. If you watch it online you can watch it low or high bandwidth. There is an option to also watch it streaming all in one big segment. If you have a super connection you can watch it DVD quality as an MPEG, otherwise they are all WMV files.

To get back to the main members area you can click on a little icon located at the top of the page that is a house, and directly underneath is a link to the category, which the movie belongs in. IE: for me it was Mature. On the left-hand side at the very top you have an opportunity to rate the movie. The scoring gets tallied up and that decides if this movie is worth being in the top fifty movies.

To find your Gape Her Ass exclusive member’s area you will see a featured site screencap, click on that. That link will take you to your exclusive movies and members area.

The Gape Her Ass members area is an exact copy it seems of the tour, with one exception clicking on download movie on any of the small scenarios takes you to a bigger page with the full movie of that scenario. As the tour promises all these movies are hardcore ass pumping action movies. They leave these sluts with huge gaping ass holes. The one clip that was really hot was a little brunette that liked it tight and hard. She liked a bit of rough and her fuck partner gave it to her just that way hard and rough. She wanted a huge cock in that little tight ass and she got that and more. Each movie is different and you can watch these tight sluts taking cock in their asses in 19 different exclusive ass-fucking movies included in your membership. You can watch all of the hardcore Gape Her Ass video clips using windows media player or watch them streaming from the website. You can also download the clips to your harddrive and watch them later. The movies are good quality and the sound is good so your not fiddling with sound while you watch.

The next section of Gape Her Ass offers you categorized movies. I counted during my review 500+ assorted movies, which are categorized so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. Though these are not exclusive to this porn site.

At the bottom of the page is the navigation to get back to the main member’s page, find other hardcore movies or click back to the Gape Her Ass collection. When you click on the home icon you will return to the main members area which includes your access to the other bonus websites that include BJ Sandwich, Bang my hot wife, Swallow this Bitch, From ass to mouth, and other hardcore member areas.


If you like hardcore videos and movies then Gape Her Ass definitely will please even the most hard to please porn movie fanatic. If you think about how cheap this membership is at $49.88 for 6 months then you know you have a winner because of all the bonus sites you get as well. You can spend those savings on Kleenex and popcorn to watch all these hardcore flicks. At this time the site is no longer being updated with new exclusive movies, only non exclusive DVDs.