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Facial Spray Review

What is it about us guys? We love to see a girl with her face all covered in cum. We love to see her take a big white load in the mouth and play with it, gargling and blowing cum bubbles before she swallows it with a nice big smile on her face. The reality-style tour for Facial Spray would seem to offer all that. And the content is exclusive, they say, so I won’t be seeing the same facial shots I have seen on so many other sites.

Facial Spray is from the same network as the Jizzjerk, Xxxindia, Barefootbabes. There are 3 pages of hopefully exclusive cum-in-your face movies and two pages of picture sets. This seems like a reasonable amount of content since in the numerous bonus sites you are going to get see lot of girls with spluge dripping over faces and lips.

The first Facial Spray movie I click on has a good looking girl giving head to a huge cock while another guy watches at her side and fingers her pussy and asshole. But wait! I know the guy fingering her and watching the action. It is the famous Pussyman. Oh man. Cutting and compressing clips from a Pussyman movie does not make exclusive content. Exclusive content is when you have scenes shot exclusively for you or you buy someone else’s material outright and it is only seen exclusively on your site. Exclusive content costs a lot and increases the value of the site that owns it. The movie is good but it sure isn’t exclusive.

I click another thumbnail image of a cute teen supposedly getting her first facial. Like I am going to believe these guys? LOL. The movie, in three parts, is an amateur film that could possibly be exclusive. She takes a load on the side of the face with a smile but clearly she doesn’t want any of the stuff to touch her lips.

I click another video entitled Variety Cum Shots. Part one opens with Brandon Iron dropping copious quantities of cum into the mouth of a pretty girl who would definitely rather he didn’t. It makes her gag. She is quickly followed by a cute brunette teen who seems to relish the cum dripping over her face. She swallows it all and looks ready to take some more. This is good stuff but again I doubt it is exclusive to this site.

Another movie I check out is a video from one of Rodney Moore’s many productions. These guys at Facial Spray think they can get away with saying anything. The buyer must be wary of websites over-hyping their content.


Facial Spray could have been an all right facial Website. It did not have to claim exclusive content when it does not have any. This seems to be a common practice of the websites in this particular network. There is nothing wrong with their content per se, it’s just that they over sell their product so that the experience of their site is a disappointment in comparison to that promised in their promotion. However if you don’t care about exclusive content you might want to take a look with the trial.