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Extreme Clits Review

Porn site Extreme Clits claims to be a site “featuring the world’s largest clits”. This site is at least good for a laugh. They have me rolling on the floor. I can understand hyping a tour that oversells a site’s content but usually the pictures on the tour go with the verbal hyperbole. Not here. There is not one picture of a clitoris outside the normal size range. It’s like claiming to be a big dick site with pictures of only 5 and 6-inch dicks. Let’s go inside and see just how funny this site is, although I cannot imagine anybody interested in big clits actually paying money to join this site after they see the tour.

Well ho, ho, ho. There are a total of 14 videos in the Extreme Clits video section and 11 picture sets. Otherwise the content is basically the bonus sites that are available on the other sites I have reviewed that belong to this company, i.e. Jizz Jerks, Facial Spray, Ultimate Nipples and others. It seems almost silly to complain of how little content there is relevant to the site’s promotion because even the measly 14 videos and 11 pictures sets have no big clits.

The Extreme Clits picture sets I look at have only 20, 24 and 42 pictures respectively. They are not big clit sets. They are masturbation and pussy stretching and facial cum shot sets. The thumbnails for the remaining 8 pictures sets promise more of the same. Supposedly the pictures and videos are exclusive to the video, at least that is what the site says. They sure don’t look exclusive to me. They look like content purchased from content suppliers.

For a laugh I have a look at the videos. It is the same story as the pictures. But I do get a great laugh. The very first video I click on is one that I have licenced for a MILF site I used to own. Well there is the confirmation I needed. This is not exclusive content. Another video has been re purposed from one of their bonus sites. The rest of the videos are solo girls masturbating. All have normal clits. Anyway I refuse to waste a moment further on this site. And to piss me off even more they have exit consoles. This one is selling a personal sex search site. Thanks guys for reinforcing the extremely negative feelings toward your Extreme Clits site that your inadequate content has already generated.


This paysite Extreme Clits is pathetic. If you are a big clit lover you might want to have a look at the tour for a giggle. There are probably 0 big clits on this site. The owners of this site need to re-think their marketing strategy. When you are going after a niche, it would be a very good idea to have content relevant to that niche.