Please note: This site is no longer active! Review

Adult paysite welcomes us to “the number 1 destination for the sexiest models on the net”. The girls in the tour sure do look scrumptious. The site also seems to offer live interactive chat events with some of the models appearing on the site. The tour is very attractive with lots of video trailers. I am seduced. I don’t see any guys in the tour. I wonder if this is an all girl site. I am going in to check it out.

Wow! There is so much here. The home page is full of thumbnails and links to videos and pictures of beautiful women. Today Wanda Curtis is featured. I click her link. I am given a synopsis of her movie and I can view pictures in medium and large size in a slide show. The video is in media player, real or quicktime and in 300, 700, 1000 kps versions that can be streamed and downloaded. I choose the 300 wmv stream and find it to be very acceptable. There is a rating scale for the videos and a link to another Wanda Curtis shoot.

Back on the front page I ignore a high definition video of a cutie named Vanessa. It is too large a file to download for the moment. I check out the links to “Naked Joke of the Day”, “In Bed at Danni’s”, and “Virtual Lap Dance”. There is an archive area for each, and each archive contains hundreds of videos. The videos are in flash or windows media streaming. You can also download them if you desire.

“Danni Live” is a video chat. You only pay when you go private. There are also weekly live chat events offered as part of your membership. The live events are archived. The archive contains 406 videos. The streaming media player stripshow I watched allowed me to jump at will through the video. You can download the videos in 300, 700, 1000 kps versions. The videos I watched were all over 30 minutes and involved beautiful women imaginatively stripping and masturbating on attractive, perfectly lit sets. I check the “What’s New” link. Man o man. This site is updated daily with 2 or 3 or 4 new sets.

I want to see something a little harder than solo girls stripping. I find what I am looking for under the “Features” link. “Cooking with Lacy” is a hot video with a beautiful young brunette whose pussy is soaped and masturbated by a beautiful blond. Soon they are licking each other’s squeaky clean shaved pussies. I check out a few more of the lesbian videos. And all of them are excellent. For those who must have cock with their girls, there is a plug in featuring vivid videos.


Danni is the gold standard of sites. Everything works as it is should. The women are incredibly beautiful. The pictures and the videos are all of the highest quality. There is an enormous amount of exclusive content. There is not much male/female action. That is not what the site is about, it’s softcore. And it is about hundreds of beautiful women being sexy. gets my highest recommendation.