Brazil Bang Review

The tour of Brazil Bang promises that every video episode in their member area has 6 brown-skinned brazilian girls with round butts. The tour shows us video previews of 6 sultry and sexy latin babes in action. I’ve never seen a latina gangbang site, and that sounds pretty hot. The join page promises each episode is approximately 60 minutes in length. This sounds like some seriously down and dirty stuff and lots of it! Does Brazil Bang come through on these promises? Let’s find out.

When you enter the member area of Brazil Bang, you will see 4 links – Video On Demand, Live Cams, DVD&Toy Store and Bonus Sites. You may notice that none of those links actually lead to the content of the Brazil Bang site. But don’t panic – there is a nice selection of content on the site. Next on the page is the latest movie update followed by the update schedule, quick site news and a poll. Below that are the video listings, each showing a large preview thumb plus links to the movies and pics.

I decided to watch one of the latest videos, and the first thing I noticed is that it doesn’t offer 6 girls – just 1. True, she’s a brazilian hottie with a round butt. She takes a HUGE black cock in every hole, and this guy really pounds her ass. But she’s only one girl and the video is only just over 20 minutes.

I scroll down the Brazil Bang page to check the other videos listed. Episode 28 offers 2 girls, not 6. I check out a few more episodes. Some videos have 2 girls, some 1 girl. A couple videos have 3 girls. Now, most of these girls are fine, and they give out some hot fucking ass, so even though these are not what was promised, this is still some good shit.

It’s the other video episodes that the videos are like 40 minutes or an hour long and have 6 babes in each one. So the 6-girl hour long gangbangs do exist on the site but not on more than half the episodes.

Now let’s talk about the movies. The videos here are offered in clips. You can choose MPEGs or Windows Media, which comes in low, medium and high. The low speed clips are pretty darn small, but if you’re on dialup you’ll want to watch them. The medium clips are streamed at around 628k and the broadband are big and pretty good quality that stream at around 1130k. The downloads are a little slow, and there are lines showing on the video sometimes but for the most part, if you’re on you’re on a high speed internet connection, I think you’ll be very happy with the broadband movies. The sound quality was good at all sizes and formats.

The pics are a fair size, the quality is good although there is some blurring here and there. They loaded a little slowly. I found that they are also available in high quality, these really look good.

It appears that Brazil Bang no longer updates the site with new original content. However, the 48+ bonus sites add a lot of value to the site as they offer more content for your porn viewing pleasure and makes up for the lack up new updates. Many of these bonus sites still have weekly updates so you will get fresh content and a huge collection of porn.


Brazil Bang is a good site to see truly sexy brazilian girls in action getting fucked by black cock, but they don’t fulfill all the promises they make on their tour. The movies are good quality and the pics are okay but load slowly, and the bonus sites are pretty interesting and add a lot of movies to watch in categories like black sex, amateur and asian. If you’re looking for a latina sex site with plenty of raunchy action and good sized movies, you might find Brazil Bang worth visiting.