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Black Dicks Latin Chicks Review

Black Dicks Latin Chicks features girls from countries like Puerto Rico, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela and, according to the tour “ANYWHERE WE COULD FIND SMOKING HOT LATIN PUSSY”. The tour says these Latina honeys get banged by black men with huge cocks. Latin/black interracial sex sounds good to me, so let’s head for the member area and check out the content inside Black Dicks Latin Chicks.

When you enter the member area of Black Dicks Latin Chicks, you are met with navigation buttons that take you away from the main content of the site if you click them. They are Video On Demand, Live Cams, DVD&Toy Store and Bonus Sites. Below that is the latest update called episode 23. Under the latest update is an update calendar with yesterday’s date that says an update is due tomorrow – or in reality, today. There is a poll on the right. However, the fact is that this site hasn’t been updated in years and the video count is stuck at 52. Sure, it would’ve been much better if they were still updating the site but with 52 exclusive episodes and tons of bonus content and sites it’s still worth it in my opinion. So keep reading!

Below all this is what we’re here to see – the Latin chicks getting fucked by black dicks. Each episode is listed in order with a large preview thumb on the left and links to the video and pics on the right. The stories that I thought were so hot on the tour are missing – we aren’t told anything about each girl or the scene.

The Black Dicks Latin Chicks videos are available as MPEG or WMV. The MPEGs are only available in one speed and the WMVs are available in 3 – high, medium and low. The MPEGs take a while to load, but the quality is good although the resolution is only 320×240. You can enlarge them in Media Player, though, and they look and sound good.

The low quality WMVs are probably great for dial-up users. There are more of them out there than some sites think, so it’s great that there’s a place they can watch movies. If you’re not on dial-up, the medium are bigger and better, and load pretty quickly as well. My favorites are the high quality WMVs – they are bigger in screen size (400×300) then the MPEGs and load quickly. The pics are probably vidcaps, but OK quality ones of a pretty good size. Nice high quality photos would’ve been better though.

Every video had at least one Latina getting her mouth and pussy stuffed full of black cock. Some of the girls were real hotties who seemed to just love to fuck. Others were more average – but still nice-looking – girls. The videos seemed unstructured, and would have benefited from a little organization. The girls were horny and slutty, but I would have liked to get to know them first instead of jumping right to the action.

I had some technical issues at Black Dicks Latin Chicks. Every time I went to a pic page, I had to hit back because there is no link back to the home page, this got a bit tiresome. Also I found the pages and the pics slow to load, and judging by the poll results, I’m not the only one who does.

Black Dicks Latin Chicks members also get access to a lot of bonus sites on the same network and a lot of extra content. Just scroll down the page past the video episodes and you will find links to all sorts of extras. My favorite are the last 11, which are actually entire reality sites FULL of pics and videos.


Does Black Dicks Latin Chicks come through? Well, yes and no. The videos and pics definitely were Latina honeys getting some black dick, and the fine quality videos are good enough. The pics were a nice extra to each scene but slow to load. I found the site layout and navigation so-so. The extra content added value to the site, and I had fun going through it. Also without the extra content you would’ve only got 52 exclusive Black Dicks Latin Chicks videos, so that makes it worth it. If you’re a fan of Latina interracial hardcore, you’ll probably find it worthwhile to check out Black Dicks Latin Chicks. If you’re not sure you can decide to go for the trial first.