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BJ Sandwich Review

When you think of a sandwich you think of a big hunk of meat and 2 slices of bread. BJ Sandwich is a hardcore site that sandwiches a cock in 2 lovely beautiful girls mouths. I’m getting hungry so I’m gonna head inside and take a bite out of this membership.

I like the fact that the members entrance to BJ Sandwich is right on the main warning page. I didn’t have to scroll through the tour again to find it…

When you first enter BJ Sandwich you’ll see the logo of the website at the very top and in the first navigational bar you will see the top 50 movies, latest DVD’s, and an offer of 5 DVD’s for one dollar. Right beneath the BJ Sandwich logo you will be offered a link to download media player, and also a help guide on how to watch movies on your computer.

Next comes the current update of the day. It looks like they update the movies once per day, which is nice! I like a site that updates a lot and on time.

I clicked on today’s update, which was Milf Money, and it opened into a new page that had several video clips from that movie. The movie is broken down into scenes and then the scenes are broken into 8 smaller video clips. You can download the entire movie to your hard drive, or watch it online in the video clips. If you watch it online you can watch it low or high bandwidth. There is an option to also watch it streaming all in one big segment. If you have a super connection you can watch it DVD quality as an AVI with real player otherwise they are all WMV files.

To get back to the main members area you can click on a little icon located at the top of the page that is a house, and directly underneath is a link to the category which the movie belongs in. IE: for me it was Mature. On the left-hand side at the very top you have an opportunity to rate the movie. The scoring gets tallied up and that decides if this movie is worth being in the top fifty movies.

When I returned to BJ Sandwich’s member’s area I scrolled down and the next section offers up a preview of movies to come. You can see what you have waiting for you in the next few days.

You can then scroll down a bit more to get to your BJ Sandwich exclusive videos by clicking on the logo screencap. This takes to a page that features only blowjobs being given by beautiful girls. I found 14 movies that are just that blowjobs by two sluts at once.

I choose a movie and clicked on download movie, I was afraid it was a total movie download but was pleasantly surprised when it opened up to its own page and the movie was laid out in segments that you could watch. The setup is the same as the other movie page. I decided to try the streaming version this time and it did open fast for low bandwidth, but I wasn’t impressed with the image size. It was only 320 x 240 in size. The sounds and picture are a pleasure to watch if it were a tad larger it would be a lot better. Be warned; do not close this window! You will have to open your browser and start over if you do. I didn’t locate a back to home icon or button, so that will have to be manually done through the browser.

Underneath the BJ Sandwich feature is the top 20 rated movies with a link to the top fifty rated movies. These are movies that other members have scored and voted on and only the best are listed. I hope you brought popcorn, because this site is full of movies. I counted over 500 movies in total from the category section. They are organized for you from blowjobs to leaking pussies and everything in between. You won’t find any pictures however, so if you’re a still picture fan then this site won’t appeal to you at all.

The next section is the bonus site area. You have access to over 49 other network sites and the exclusive content that is located within them. These include 18 inches of pain, ass plundering, bang my hot wife, along with many others. Each bonus area offers movies that are categorized and exclusive to those websites. Below this you will have a section that offers you their choices for other hardcore pay sites that you might be interested in.


I was hoping for more exclusive BJ Sandwich movies, but if you’re a lover of hardcore movies and great blowjobs by cock-loving bitches then BJ Sandwich with over 500 movies would be a fine choice. The membership dues are pretty much equal to the amount of movies you will find inside. Too bad its such a small collection of BJ Sandwich movies and the site hasn’t been updated in years. You will have to decide if its time to skip a few Big Macs and get that BJ Sandwich you always wanted.