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Barefoot Maniacs Review

Reality porn site Barefoot Maniacs is a site dedicated to hot girls and their feet. This site doesn’t just focus on feet, though – it has a great mix of hardcore action coupled with some foot jobs and cum-on-her-feet action. Overall, it’s a pretty mild foot fetish site and not something you’d join if feet are your top priority. If you’re the kind of guy that likes to see regular fucking with some mild foot teasing, some foot jobs, and just a bit of toe sucking, check out Barefoot Maniacs. If you’d prefer a site dedicated purely to feet and female domination of sorts, I would suggest that you go elsewhere. A membership to this site is $29.98, a trial is only $4.95.

Barefoot Maniacs makes updates once or twice a month to its reality archive. Most of the reality episodes are exclusive but quite a few aren’t. Either way, the quality is great and all the videos are totally hot. There is also a section of bonus non-exclusive non-reality videos. These videos outnumber the reality footage by a lot although the quality isn’t as good. Bonus videos update more sporadically than the reality archive.

Each video, whether it’s exclusive or not, reality or not, has the same format for viewing. Videos can only be streamed in your browser as WMV files. You can stream the whole thing all at once or in clips – high, medium, and low resolutions are available for the convenience of dial-up users. Each video comes with a photo set featuring stills from the film. The quality is just average, much like how any video still are.

With a membership to Barefoot Maniacs, you get into a network of 32+ reality sites. At the time of this review, there are 117+ exclusive videos and over 2700+ bonus videos between all the sites. Any day that you login, you’re likely to get at least one video added to the collection. The quality of the videos is always great although the bonus content is slightly worse.


I wasn’t thrilled or disappointed with Barefoot Maniacs. It had some pros and some cons and overall I got an average feel about it. Barefoot Maniacs isn’t the kind of site that a true foot fetish lover would want to join. This site is for guys that are into hardcore that like to see foot action just for kicks (no pun intended)! The quality is good but the updates don’t occur often enough to keep me happy, right now it looks like it’s no longer updated at all. If you don’t look at porn that much but still want a membership to a site and you happen to like feet sex as well, that’s where Barefoot Maniacs can help you out. The site isn’t that great, but it’s not all that bad, either.