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Bare Feet Babes Review

Foot fetish porn site Bare Feet Babes sounds like a site that should have great appeal to the foot fetish crowd. From the tour page this would seem to be the mother load of foot sites. They claim a “mega foot collection of thousands of women”. The reality tour does feature lots of pretty women and their pretty feet. If there are even a thousand women’s feet on this site, that will be fantastic. I am going in for a look. I just hope this is not just more Webmaster over the top hyperbole.

Oh oh! I have been here before. These are the same guys who brought you Jizz Jerk, Ultimate Nipples and XXX Of India (see my previous reviews). There are only two pages of video and three pages of pictures dedicated to the foot fetishist. There are not even a hundred different women let alone thousands. What possesses web site owners to print outright lies in their promotional material? At least these guys of Bare Feet Babes are good students of distortion. If you are going to tell a lie you might as well tell a big one. Having been a pay site owner myself I just do not understand their thinking. Why do they want to piss off their members?

Now that they have pissed off this reviewer, let’s have a look at the kind of content they do offer those of you who love women’s feet. I click on a thumbnail of a blond with her feet wrapped around an erect cock. The movie is offered in wmv streaming or download. I choose to stream the movie. It is 20 minutes long. It is smallish in size, 360×240 pixels, given what A-list pay sites are now offering. It is a movie that will definitely appeal to the “podiatric”. The movie was shot with an emphasis on this woman’s exquisite feet. The foreplay is foot-focused, as is the actual fucking.

What could be better than having a beautiful woman’s succulent toes in your mouth while you are fucking her warm wet pussy? And this girl has it all, the feet, the pussy, the breasts. It is particularly imaginative the way she caresses his balls with a foot while she is riding his cock facing the camera. The movie finishes beautifully with the guy cumming on her foot and toes. And joyfully, she is flexible enough to lick off all the cum. Good movie. I just don’t understand why it is not split into parts.

The next Bare Feet Babes movie I click on has 9 parts. It features a tall very pretty brunette teen. She has chocolate and whipped cream licked off her feet. The other movies I click on are all foot-oriented and genuinely erotic. Even the photo sets in the pictures section are quite satisfactory. I think foot fetish people would find a lot to like here. It is too bad the Bare Feet Babes site was over sold in the promo.


There is an expression that I always thought had great value. “Under promise and over deliver”. Bare Feet Babes does just the opposite. It has pretty good content for foot lovers, but in not nearly the quantity implied in the promo tour. If the tour had just been honest I would not be left feeling quite as disappointed and cheated. Also, this site is no longer updated with new content.