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Bang My Hot Wife Review

Housewife porn site Bang My Hot Wife is every swinging wife swappers dream site. The site tour promises you hot bangable wives that get fucked by even hotter pornstars while hubby looks on. If you are a lover of swinging, hot wives and reality video then this site might be what you were waiting for.

I love the fact that I didn’t have to dig through pages to get to the member’s icon and get logged in. Its right on the main warning page! Once you login your taken to a landing page that offers you a link to download windows media player if you do not have it or you need an upgrade. There is also a link near the top so you can get help watching movies in case you might be having troubles.

Right below that is the updated movie of the day, along with previews of up and coming movies. Too bad there are no new episodes coming to this site, it hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. At least you get full access to the network besides just this site. You will also find a top 20 and a top 50 rated movies. These movies are all rated by other members so they are honest ratings and you will see the hottest movies.

A bit farther down about mid page in the member’s area is the featured site, which is your member’s area that includes your exclusive videos. Click on the screencap and you will be on the Bang My Hot Wife member’s page.

You will find 21+ movies of pornstars banging hot wives and the members area is an exact mirror image of the tour except every download movie link takes you to that movie.

You can watch the movies in several different ways. You are offered first low and medium bandwidth streaming from the site itself. You can opt to watch them segment by segment using windows media player. The last option is if you have a good connection. You can watch it thru real media as an AVI movie. The windows media player clips are 320 x 240. If you watch them streaming you can click on full window and they will enlarge to the full window size. The clips varied from clear when I full sized them to a bit of fuzziness depending on the movie. The sound is clear and easy to hear.

These are true reality videos, the beginning of the clips are interviews with the wife and husband. Then you get to watch the wife get fucked by some pornstar while the hubby looks on. The clip I watched featured a surprise for the wife, because the husband had set the whole thing up without her knowing. He even made sure that she would be fucked by her favorite pornstar. Some of the husbands watch those slutty wives fucking pornstars and you can see them mentally making notes on things that the wife loves that I bet they had never thought about!

Included in your Bang My Hot Wife membership is access to over 500 other movies all categorized and ready to watch. The premises is the same as your Bang My Hot Wife movie pages. You will have smaller video clip segments or streaming options.


If you like hardcore movies and like to see horny wives fucking other men, then Bang My Hot Wife offers you some hardcore ass slamming movies. The price is right if you prepay for 6 months, which is $74.95, you get 3 months free. That’s a damn good price considering all the movies you have access to with the bonus sites, because with only 20+ movies of it’s own this site has to rely on it’s large network of other porn sites you gain access to.