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Amateur Chicago Review

Amateur Chicago is a site featuring hot young Midwestern cuties that are for the most part ethnic, with the occasional white model sprinkled into the mix. This is a site targeted toward those who love Chi-town honeys taking it all off for the camera.

The majority of content offered throughout this rather small site called Amateur Chicago is an image archive of various women, mostly who keep their clothes on for the majority of each shoot. The quality of images is grainy and often the pictures themselves are taken in poor lighting and from bad angles which leaves you squinting just to see the parts you actually came to look at.

Not all links work, many thumbnails will give you error pages or will be misleading altogether and send you to photo sets of completely different girls than the ones you clicked on. Browsing through this site is anything but simple as the navigational system has countless kinks that need to be worked out and often you’ll find yourself at pages that you never even attempted clicking on, causing much time to be wasted and all around confusion.

The pictures on Amateur Chicago are mostly just solo shots of girls taking their clothes off after pages upon pages of modeling in their outfits, and if and when they do take their clothes off, it usually lasts for just a few of the last pictures available. Unfortunately, this is the main chunk of the site.

The other content offered on Amateur Chicago are videos which are downloadable through WMV format and occasionally MOV for Mac users, but they do not come with descriptions, length of time or amount of space in which the split clips take up. Though they are in smaller clips, the downloads take an exceptionally longer amount of time to load no matter what connection you’re on, and at the time of this review there were only 20 videos in all with no additional content offered.

There are two blowjob scenes and one lesbian video, each blurry and shaky with poor lighting and bad angles. Other videos include a girl being interviewed and basically having to be lured into taking her clothes off by the camera man, who makes it very apparent that getting these girls to undress is like pulling teeth. Even talking sexy is a challenge for them (What’s your favorite part about a man’s body? “His shoes” she answers) and aside from the blowjobs and lesbian scene, a girl wearing a wig and dancing for the camera is about as hardcore as it gets.

While the ladies are indeed Chicago amateurs, there is not much beyond that as the overall quality and quantity of this site is lacking immensely.


I would have to say that the value of Amateur Chicago is slim and still needs to be improved much further before recommending people to join. The content is small in quantity as well as low in quality and with a navigational setup that brings you to plenty of dead links, it’s hard to give this site much props. Perhaps once more content is added and better quality images appear on the galleries, this will be a better site, but right now it is not their time.