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Absolute Victory Review

For all of you who are looking for a premium porn site that has a different angle on sex, is by far one of the most versatile sites you’ll ever stumble upon. It is a sex wrestling site centered around dominance / submission. Mixing sports with sex is a fetish that has not been done yet, and Absolute Victory is a pioneer regarding a niche like this. If you want to know the exact niches, it is more of a BDSM, Femdom, fetish site. But wrestling is the main draw where men wrestle women and women wrestle women for absolute dominance. The thrill is high, energy is simmering, and fucking and humiliating the other is the reward for the one who wins the match!


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The Pros:
High quality HD videos
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Unique niche
The Cons:
Only 7 videos at this time

Sex wrestling matches with real people

The whole premise of is to find people, not actors, who are willing to have real wrestling matches. Just as on, a site that you can use to find real escorts near your location if you want to have a good time.

Getting models who know how to wrestle is not easy, but that’s the reward in itself. Once you get those who can wrestle for real and then at the end fuck, you have a very raw and sexually charged product on your hands. The point is for the winner to get an “ultimate surrender” victory. Once attained, the loser is submitted to sex with the winner, and the winner makes up the rules as to what kind of sex it will be, but expect the loser to get sexually humiliated!

If you go now to the site, you will see header tabs that read Videos, Wrestlers, News, Information Links and Contacts. Most of these headers are self-explanatory. The Wrestlers is probably the most interesting because this is a “Bios” type of a category where the performers are presented. They have their info posted up. Height, weight, when were they born and the most fun of them all their strength, skills and stamina presented in a rating form. You can see how good of a fighter they are and what are their favorite moves.

Watch and download high-quality videos in 1080p is a new site so don’t expect to see much content, however, the production team is going week by week, so the collection is getting bigger and better as time passes. Each video can be downloaded to your computer, but of course, there are limits because needs to protect its integrity too. You can have 40 attempts at a download, or you have five days per video, and that really is more than enough to grab the video you want. You will be getting high-quality videos since they are all done in 1080p full HD crispy clear format, and they all come in MP4 files.

VOD videos instead of a membership

If you expect to go to the site and watch the videos there, is not that kind of a website. They are like a store. You come in, grab a video that you like, place it in your cart and proceed to the checkout. Videos are around $14-15, and they are approximately 30 minutes long. Also, as a standard in the industry, the video stills or rather screenshots are also available to be seen and grabbed. They are also HD and look like they were shot by pro photographers, not just simple screenshots off of the videos. Considering the price that the videos go for, this is a very affordable price, and you are getting something that’s still pretty much unheard of on the market.

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Please noteThis site does not offer memberships, everything is single purchase VOD only


Number of movies7 (VOD)Number of pic sets7+
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Video Formats1080p Full HD, 14.5 Mbps
720 HD, 6.5 Mbps (MP4)


Considering that is a brand new site, taking away anything from them because of the lack of content (during the time this review is written) is not a valid point to make. If anything, they were bold enough to enter the market with this unique wrestling / sexual domination niche. And if we take into consideration that right now, with quite a small portfolio that they have, Absolute Victory looks very promising, and one can only imagine how popular they will become once the videos start rolling in and the word really gets out there.

The idea of mixing wrestling with sexual domination is a genius one. Only time will tell if Absolute Victory will get the traction that they want, but as far as the site goes and the videos that they’ve made, they can easily be rated 4/5. Keep in mind, this is just the start, once the site gets more of amazing content available, we will have an absolute winner on our hands with Absolute Victory.